"Win back Australia's MacRobertson Shield in International Croquet"


    (1)    Coach the Sport of Croquet in the Skills of:-











  Self Discipline

   Self Esteem

  The same Basic Attributes necessary for a Small Family Business to succeed.

     (1) Finance the Assault on the
                             International Croquet "Mac ROBERTSON SHIELD"
                    by Australian Sponsored/Small Family Business:

   With Monthly Tax Deductible Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:

        (2)    Teach Tax Planning for Small Family Business - including Tax Deductible Croquet
                Sponsorships for Family Players.

        (3)    Teach Business and Financial Management skills - including minimising Capital Gains Tax.

        (4)    Help prepare Family Partnership Agreements for Tax File Numbers:
                                                          Business and Financial Plans: Registered Business Names.
        (5)    Assist in providing Discount Accommodation, Travel, Dining and other Tourist Interests.

        By Associated Businesses:

        (6)    Manufacture/wholesale products to Small Family Businesses to learn basic marketing skills.

        (7)    Find/Investigate other Products and Services for a graduated Small Family Business Player.

        And to:

        (8)    Sponsor, produce and market the Gold Coast/Tweed Centrefold for
                          the "Australian Croquet Gazette".

        (9)   Sponsor, produce and market the Gold Coast /Tweed  Net Website:-
                       "  www.goldcoastcroquet.com.au  "

        (10)   Sponsor the yearly Eastern Seaboard Croquet Circuit and
                      "Sonoma Cutrer Downunder $10,000" for our Graduate Croquet Players

        (11)   Sponsor Local to State to National to International Croquet Players
                        to win back the MacRobertson Shield.

        With Help:

        (12)   Encourage other Businesses to profit from the Seminars by
                                Promotion on the Gold Coast and Australia wide.


                The Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:
    "14 Days of Fun in the Sun for the Whole Family ---- and Tax Deductible for ALL You Dirty, Rotten, Lucky, Rich Bastards" 
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Like Adventure? Try a Tax Deductable, Queensland Railway 14 Day, 7,000Km Taxplanning/Croquet Seminar Safari: Brisbane to Cairns via Townsville to Mt Isa then Brisbane via Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Longreach

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