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            Government Instructions:
            The various States' Departments of Sport and Recreation have indicated to Australian Accredited (Sport) Coaches that, besides recruiting new Sportspersons to their Clubs, it will be necessary for Coaches  to find Sponsors for their charges.

            Government Grants:
          Government Grants will not be as easy to find in the future for Individual Competitors that are not in select or Representative situations.

            Shortage of Sponsors:
          As there is a shortage of Sponsors at grass roots level it will be necessary for Elite Sports to manufacture their own Sponsors and Sponsorships.
            Business TaxPlanning:
            There is no way a person can Sponsor him/herself as a Tax Deduction without an  Interest in a Business and the knowledge of TaxPlanning.          (now that is not exactly true but rather a moot point of interest)
        Monthly Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:
        The Seminars endeavor to address these issues for all Sport Coaches - at minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

                       $500   or  $499.99 each, with the discount

            Cost of the 14 Day Seminars including all Text Books etc. 

        Does Not Include:
        This does not include Travel, Accommodation, Meals, etc. which are not included in the Seminar but should all be Tax Deductible - whatever the cost.

    Accommodation can be arranged on the Gold Coast

     See Seminar Budget for Additional Costs of the Holiday of a Lifetime.
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                  The Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:
 "14 Days of Fun in the Sun for the Whole Family ---- and Tax Deductible for ALL You Dirty, Rotten, Lucky, Rich Bastards"
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